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We of the Church of the Pacific have access to 2 beautiful cabins up in the Kauai mountains of Kokee State Park.  Waineke Cabins (A – sleeps 9, and B – sleeps 19) are part of the Kauai Association United Church of Christ ministries.  They are used by our congregation for family camping and retreats.  We encourage planning for wonderful spiritual renewal events for our families, congregation as well as larger gatherings with our larger Kauai Association UCC family. 

We enjoy our relationship as a congregation within the Hawaii Conference United Church of Christ.  This puts into a covenant relationship with the other 13 congregations of the UCC on the Island of Kauai.  The ethnic diversity of these congregations brings a rich historical connection with the evolution of Christian churches and ministries of the Island of Kauai and Ni’ihau.  Regular events, camping and worship Retreat and Rest Ministries experiences are planned throughout the year giving us opportunity to connect with families and other congregations from around the Islands.

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